Here are a few endorsements from clients, past clients and strategic partners:

As my mentor, Dr. Smith has grown to be an important force in my professional and personal life. He is a pragmatic and grounded mentor who helps you explore who you really are, and build upon your innate strengths and passions. Although he focuses on a positive outlook, he definitely drives you to face hard truths and deal with them head-on.

After tackling Dr. Smith’s assignments, you may feel mentally exhausted – but stronger for it. He sets the bar high, has clear expectations, and does not let you rest on your laurels.

Personally, I enjoy the process, what I am learning, and my time with Dr. Smith. I look forward to our sessions each week and where our conversation will take us.”

Matt Hederstrom, CEO, Oscar Nelson Group

My work with Dr. Smith has been nothing less than a transformation of my professional life.  He has shown me how to leverage my experiences and skill set to set a way forward in my career, with a practical, disciplined approach to building a practice.

Dr. Smith is not just a talker though, his focus is on your actions, showing the way, setting metrics, giving advice and letting you take the reins of your own destiny.  He has a way of expecting results without being overbearing, while encouraging you thru the bumps in the road, always with an emphasis on sticking with the plan you have developed with him.

Along with an intense focus on the task, our meetings are fun – conversations ranging from business development, politics, books and film, football, and Washington DC culture, sprinkled with bits of advice and items to pique my interest and development.  Earl has become a great mentor, adviser, and most of all, I’m proud to call him a friend.  I would recommend him without reservation.”

Matt Falls, Commerce Connect

“Dr. Smith serves as the Chairman of my advisory board at Ordia Solutions. His recommendations have helped me tremendously in the following areas specifically: focusing our sales/marketing strategy, managing investor relations, managing relationship with other management team members, and maximizing the contributions of all executives, directors, and investors. Earl’s guidance is very well paced, as he has a great knack of knowing the right time to introduce new challenges as the companies continues to grow. I recommend Earl to other entrepreneurs that are committed to continuous personal and professional development.”

Joe Ordia, CEO, Ordia Solutions Inc

“Dr. Smith has been instrumental in helping me refine my vision for Metro Capital. He combines a strategic vision with a tactical sense of the possible – both guided by years of experience in successfully building companies. He has been relentless in his search for a solid value proposition for Metro and very creative in building that proposition and the strategic relationships which will support it. He goes beyond his commitments and seems dedicated to always exceeding expectations. I would recommend him to any CEO looking for senior, experienced advice.”

Robert Schwartz, President, Metro Capital

“Dr. Smith works quickly as a solid and direct sounding board to any company and CEO. He’s a “no fuss” type of professional with whom you can have an honest discussion. He helps the visionary meet the ground and enables action.”

Nancy May, President & CEO, The Board Bench Companies

“Dr. Smith has been a very effective mentor to me over the last two years. I have found him to be very far-sighted and dependable. At times I feel he can almost see through walls where complex interpersonal relationships are involved. He has the rare mentoring ability to help people at different maturity levels. During my association with Earl, I have been able to develop a lot of valuable qualities that are vital for success in todayʼs complex business world. I feel proud to have Earl as a mentor, trustworthy associate and friend.”

AM, Coaching Client

“I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and listening to Dr. Earl discuss business issues as it pertained to overall strategies where business fail and why others succeed. His in-depth knowledge was remarkable. Speaking with Dr. Smith you realize that he “IS” in the know; the other thing that really drew me to him and his thoughts was his willingness to hear other opinions and not judge. If you are looking for EXCELLENT mentor, he’s your man. It is indeed a pleasure to have him as a friend and colleague”

Cliff Quicksell, Jr., MAS, CEO, Cliff Quicksell Associates

“Dr. Smith is a serial entrepreneur that loves helping company’s meet their strategic goals. He brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to any corporate principle seeking growth management and strategic planning.”

Terrance Seldon, Chief Architect, Federal Division

“Earl has a great feel for communicating the important matters in business ventures in a bottom line fashion while being able to discuss the important details. Well-regarded, he has an outstanding network. I consider him a great colleague and am looking forward to many great things to come out of our working relationship.”

Marty Secada, Managing Director, Broad and Wall Advisors

“Earl is an extremely intelligent highly accomplished “Wall Street” crisp communicator; clear in vision, focus and strategy. A professional’s professional.”

RJ, Coaching Client

“Over the five years that I have worked with Dr. Smith I have found him to be a visionary in the areas of technology assessment and organizational change. Whether serving as a senior strategic adviser or chairman of the board, Earl brings real value to any relationship and is always an agent for growth. He has, on many occasions, provided me with very helpful and insightful assessments of In-Q-Tel portfolio companies and their management. I consider him a trusted and reliable adviser and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Sr. Director Federal Outreach/Portfolio Partner, In-Q-Tel

“Earl makes things happen in your business and life. He is a consummate business adviser and personal coach. He is a savvy networker and marketer. I highly recommend making him part of your team and taking advantage of his vast experience and skills.”

CEO, DallasBlue

“Bottom line – – Earl is the ultimate “rainmaker”. If you have the concept, he can make it happen through highly disciplined execution and a rolodex that never quits. He’s got a reputation for energizing corporate boards and dramatically ramping up revenues.”

Asst. Professor of Management Science, George Washington University

“Dr. Earl Smith is a very gifted and talented thought leader and strategist. I had an opportunity to work and interact with him on various occasions, and found his analytical thought process to be the most creative and illustrative in the industry. He is a great asset in developing business solutions from complex problems and chaos in the every day world.”

Executive Director, Global Innovation Summit

“I consider Dr. Smith to be a truly revolutionary thinker and leader. His mentorship has been of great value and inspiration to my own personal and professional development.”

Partner, IT & Telecom, Defense Solutions

“Dr. Smith is a very different kind of mentor. If you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy adviser, this is the wrong guy for you. But if you are dedicated to change and want to be challenged by a very experienced mentor Earl may be just what you are looking for.”

CEO of Croix Connect and Host of ABC Radio’s ‘Taking Care of Business’

“Dr. Smith shows considerable depth in a variety of technical and social areas — ranging, for example from Piercian semiotics (a theory of language and meaning) to the use of story telling for information transfer. His wide ranging interests, combined with his extensive business experience, put him in an ideal position to assess and advise in areas at the intersection of policy and technology.”

Visiting Researcher, Advanced Networking Division, NIST


Green_Vest__1.jpgI provide mentoring to those who have both the courage and determination to make a truly transformational journey. My approach is heavily influenced by core principles of Zen Buddhism. I don’t offer quick fixes or follow the latest fads. If you are willing to make the long journey – if it’s time for you to come to know the person you really are and can become – if you intend to finally find the path you should be following – if you want to start living life you were truly meant to live – then perhaps we should talk. Send me an e-mail and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

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